Who owns the USA’s gold?

I read a wild book this weekend…Who Really Owns Your Gold by William Garner (fourth edition). It was published in 2016 and has some intriguing facts about the gold market’s history, and history in general. No doubt, it’s a page-turner and made me think…deeply…about many things. I have no relationship with the author, other than emailing him and asking him if I could review this book. He generously sent me seven book titles, and I’ve finished two thus far.

After reading all weekend, I had some weird dreams last night, and I realized that I cannot write a review at this time. I have to digest, investigate, and think more about this information, and the best way for me to do that is to take you, dear Reader, with me on the journey. It starts with this post, but doesn’t end here. So please subscribe to my blog and follow me on this very important voyage, at this “opportune” moment in history, to wake up. It may change your whole life, or it may serve as entertainment along the way. But you have to admit, it’s better than Netflix. 😉

The author is a ghost writer, and editor, among many other things. He is multi-talented, the editor of Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code, and other best-selling titles. He’s also an excellent writer that kept my attention for a whole weekend! That’s no easy task, mind you. If you know me, then you know that I’m all over the place, all the time. It’s very rare I get through a book so quickly. He asserts that one group of men on this earth uses the same strategies over and over again to conquer people, control them, and steal their wealth. It takes four main ingredients: (1) nation states, (2) physical gold, (3) central banks, and (4) credit (a system of borrowing and lending). He said they did it to Weimar, Germany, and they’re doing it to the USA right now.

His argument is convincing, but I’ll feel better if I look more into the history myself and see if I can substantiate his claims and make my own connections…it’ll be the subject of my next few blog posts. Writing is how I learn, and what a fun way of learning it is! So if something happens to me in the interim, like what happened to J. Epstein, then you know why, and you better do something about it. Just to be clear, I intend to read all seven books he sent me and offer up my thoughts on the material. So let’s get started. As I mentioned before, this group of people he writes about has a methodology, a strategy, they use over and over. Garner lays it out as follows:

1. They target a Government. This Government starts out free of debt, free of interest, and no loans from outside sources or private banks.

2. Spies, from the international banking cartel, infiltrate the Government at the highest levels.

3. They establish a private central bank that controls the entire economy of that nation.

4. Then the banking cartel rides the long cycles of celestial, solar, lunar bodies and exacerbates those cycles to their benefit. See Cycles: The Science of Prediction (1947) by Edward R. Dewey and Edwin F. Dakin.

5. The Government goes into debt and must now borrow money from the central bank owners (connected to the malicious group of men), instead of printing their own. This is the beginning of the process by which the borrower becomes slave to the lender: a financial law.

6. The interest on the Government’s loans is guaranteed by 100% of the personal income taxes paid by the people of that country. In the United States, income taxes are paid to the privately owned Internal Revenue Service, a registered corporation in Puerto Rico, which promptly sends those funds to the Bank for International Settlements in Basel Switzerland.

All the while, they jab and ruin people along the way with these kinds of things…

Is it plausible there’s conspiracy within our government and financial-economic system? Yes, of course. Is it probable there’s conspiracy within our government and economic-financial system? From my view, yes. Is Garner’s work “conspiracy theory” and is Garner a conspiracy theorist? What’s the first thing you think about when you see these words: CONSPIRACY THEORY. I hypothecate that most people today see or hear the words “conspiracy theory” and the meaning they assign to it is something that is untrue, contrived, or fake. Why is that? After all, doesn’t a theory about our leaders conspiring simply mean that they lie or have lied about something? Isn’t it true that governments have covered things up? That they’ve harmed their own people and foreigners?

Fact is, they have been disingenuous…time and again…throughout history. Don’t be an idiot and search up “Fact Checker, Does Government harm people?” Unless you expect the Fact Checker to have a biased opinion about the matter while faking a fact. Honestly, I think it’s safe to assume that governments are still dishonest and disingenuous about things even today. You don’t think so? What’s changed? The word “Government” actually means mind control. It comes from two words in the ancient Latin language…guvernare meaning “to control” and mentis meaning “mind.” Go fact-check that one and then tell me what you think about conspiracy theorists: people who don’t believe the government is telling the truth. Need I say more?

If the word government means “mind control” then why do the two words “conspiracy theory” SIGNAL synonyms like “untrue” or “concocted” in our brains? Let that soak in real good. Don’t stop thinking! Whatever you want to go do right now, it can wait, because I have another question. Why does this conjured-up meaning of two words stop people from wanting to digest the information or learn more? The trigger phrase “conspiracy theory” shuts people down almost immediately, as if they’ve been programmed to ABORT. I’m asking sincerely, why? I gave this some analysis in another post back in January: Mind Control: How does it work?

Also, how many definitions of words and phrases have changed over the last several years? I can think of a few offhand (vaccination and inflation), but I’d like to come up with a concrete list and analyze it. I have at home a paper dictionary from at least a decade ago, and another from several decades past, and I’d just like to compare some of these digital definitions with what they were before. So if you can think of any words or phrases that have changed meaning either discreetly or legally then list them in the comments below or email me.

I hypothecate that society is being MIND “F—ked” or taken for a ride in LaLa Land, similar if not exactly as Mr. Garner has outlined. I don’t know if it’s intentional malice, but I’m willing to entertain the idea. To me, it’s worth investigating no matter what. And even if he didn’t get all the facts exactly right, I shall not ABORT. It’s pretty dumb to delete people, especially if you’re not a narcissist and can  contemplate the possibility that you could be misguided, wrong, or simply deceived. If you’ve never been on a Mind F— journey before, it’s quite a ride that doesn’t end softly. It sets you on a new path, a “great reset” so to speak, with nothing that you had before. The truth indeed sets you free, but not without PAIN…And isn’t that the same word Fed Chairman Jerome Powell just used? PAIN? More than once? Hmmmmm Stay tuned, my lovely Readers. There’s more.

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