What can go wrong?

I still have not finished Part 2 of the fourth-industrial-revolution piece. As I read through the WEF’s projects and agenda, I can see the big picture clearly in accordance with my own world view, but I haven’t figured out how to share my insights and knowledge without personal bias and conviction. Hopefully, it will come to me soon because my goal is to help you think for yourself—not to tell you the way I see things and the way I think you should see things. The world needs independent thinkers today more than ever before, especially now when liberty and freedom of speech is on the verge of extinction.

Today, I’d just like to share three questions and my thoughts about something we don’t like to discuss out in the open…

  • How do the mRNA vaccines work?
  • How does Covid-19 work against us?
  • What can go wrong in our solution to the problem?

It is my understanding that Man finally has the knowledge to do what only God could do before. Man can now reprogram, override, and control your immune system not only with biology and chemistry, but with technology. mRNA is a set of instructions, like a code in your computer.

It is my understanding that Covid-19 kills by causing your own immune system to go whacko and mistakably attacking your own body too ferociously. It is not clear to me whether the virus is biology or technology or both. And it is unclear to me how or why the virus came when it did.

While Man thinks he has the technical knowhow to  clone and control biology, he doesn’t understand the delicate connectivity and creativity of God’s perfect creation. It is an old story that never seems to end very well if you study history, and people don’t really change.

We have arrived at a period of history where Man thinks he has the knowledge and power to be God. We have been here before, but never quite to this degree, on this scale, which involves the entire world, during what is maybe the largest wealth gap in history and definitely the greatest world debt, with the USA leading the way.

It is not only Covid where Man is playing God, but he is playing God in the financial system and economy. He is playing God in the market by printing money out of thin air and artificially controlling interest rates. He is playing God with his military weapons and bases all over the world. He is playing God in the food industry by genetically modifying everything we eat, breaking down and reconstructing natural food into Franken-food, and destroying our microbiome. He is playing God in medicine by overriding doctors and turning health into managed consumerism. He is playing God by trying to control speech and narrative.

Man is playing God in almost every area of our humanity, and it’s all being driven by money, by the people who have the most money and own almost everything and everyone. Almost no entity, not even the Church, is free from the corruption and power of this perceived money and wealth, which is really a gigantic pile of debt. Many people think it is great to borrow from future generations because we have what we want and need right now. The hubris and narcissism is substantial; words cannot describe.

My country, humanity, and the world have all changed tremendously during my lifetime. No advice from me. No pressure from me to do or not do anything, other than to think. No judging from me on your personal health decisions and choices in life. No interest in political affiliation. Just be awake and alert. Take care of yourself and yours in the best way you can. Learn, love, pray, and care for others too. May God bless you and happy Sunday!

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