The Art of Ignorance

He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. — Thomas Jefferson, 1749-1826, American President [1801-1809]

While intelligence is necessary for survival, ignorance (the willful kind) is an art of living. Deep within our beliefs, ignorance is rejection of reality that doesn’t suit us. It is a coping mechanism for pain and/or helplessness we don’t want to feel. It is the expression of our human imagination that we can create our own realities. Within the constructs of human civilization, ignorance always prevails, sometimes more fervent and voracious than other times. It is eternal and everlasting. To recognize ignorance in the self is wise, but to question the ignorance of others is considered prudish. Ignorance is bliss, and you don’t want to break people’s blisses.

The dictionary defines ignorance as the lack of knowledge or information. We are born ignorant, and we return to ignorance when we die. The story of Adam and Eve teaches that ignorance of good and evil is the paradise lost, and knowledge of good and evil is forbidden. Note, ignorance and knowledge, as well as good and evil, are dichotomies, and dichotomies are the building blocks of our realities. What is hot without cold? Male without female? Happy without sad? Darkness without light? You get the idea. Some dichotomies are artificially constructed, but make no sense using analytics (i.e. Democrat vs Republican). Remove the dichotomy and you remove that whole reality for people. 🙂

Dichotomies drive beliefs, and beliefs drive people’s perceptions of reality. This brings me to the New Religion and its church. Let’s call this new religion Magic Moneyism, whose church is the Media where people go to worship The Great Ignorance. It is here where people’s perceptions of reality are skewed, where they can perfect the art of ignorance in their lives. The Great Ignorance puts transgenderism on a pedestal instead of presenting humanity as a parasite consuming itself. The Great Ignorance draws your attention to the “evil” Russians hurting the poor innocent Ukrainians instead of the world war for scarce energy, depreciating currency, and inflation. It normalizes nuclear bombs, biowarfare, and many more destructive manmade atrocities.

The Great Ignorance breaks down natural dichotomies, normalizing and glorifying new ways to identify and feel, which creates alternate realities. By blurring the lines between male and female, for example, a wide variety of deviations were officially recognized in human sexuality. I took this from comments on a blog I follow…There is ephebolia, attraction to older teenagers, 15 to 19. There is hebephilia, arousal to pubescent aged children approximately 11 to 14. There is Schwab’s fetish formicophilia, arousal to insects. There are furries, autoplushophilia, arousal to oneself dressed as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal. And there are the trannies, autogynephilia, arousal to oneself (male only) in the form of a woman. The list goes on.

The Great Ignorance is everywhere, in every form of media, capturing our five (or six) senses, shaping our reality. The media has hijacked our languages (as well as our global communication networks) and diverted us from intelligent and intimate relationships to the doctrine of The Great Ignorance. It has assured us that isolation, censorship, and obedience is the best way. Look here before your read or watch, don’t answer questions, and vilify everyone who does, the media screams. Only a certain kind of people have the ability to sift through the smoke screens of so-called science and act on knowledge linked to truth. Those who submit their minds to The Great Ignorance, will likely find themselves being sacrificed on the alter of the new world order.

Dr. Robert Proctor, a Stanford professor of the History of Science, coined the term agnotology as the study of ignorance. Specifically, agnotology studies the deliberate production of ignorance. The tobacco industry knew that cigarettes caused cancer, so they manufactured ignorance to keep people smoking. In the book, Agnotology: The Making & Unmaking of Ignorance and on a podcast, Dr. Proctor points to the funding of scientific studies in genetics and viruses deliberately designed to lead people into false ideologies for disease. Until the 1980s, many doctors encouraged pregnant women to smoke. The “small babies theory,” funded by the tobacco industry, made it fashionable too.

While propaganda is an extreme form of education (a ham-handed approach to brainwashing), agnotology is more subtle and sinister. Socrates, the founder of Western philosophy, believed that evil was the result of ignorance, which is just the opposite from the Book of Genesis. It seems to me that evil is the result of knowledge and ignorance. It takes real knowledge to manufacture ignorance, knowledge that is bought by wealth, power, and control. It’s why our personal data is being vigorously collected and why it’s extremely profitable, so governments and corporations can know us better than we know ourselves. With this information, and what they know about human thoughts, feelings, and motivation, they could easily take control of any one of us.

Hollywood would have you believe that people who do evil things are simply evil creatures, but I don’t think so. People do evil things because their knowledge is poisoned by artificially constructed dichotomies and twisted realities. Purge their flawed dichotomies, untwist their realities and people’s intelligence changes. Tell people that Joe is evil and everyone will want to kill Joe. Tell people that Joe is an imperfect human like you and me and people will listen to Joe and maybe try to help him or learn from him. The dichotomy of people as good and evil is a necessary tool in propagating deceptive knowledge and keeping people ignorant, or at least incapable of analytical human thought. For this you can thank Hollywood, the Media, and The Great Ignorance.

In my first novel, Love Evil: An extraordinary journey of the heart, I characterize evil and put “him” into a relationship with the protagonist who represents love. Sarah cannot understand why she loves this evil man Daniel, and she concludes that the reason is to change him from evil to good. The power of her love will win him over, she thinks. Lucifer and his legion will return to God, and there will be no more evil in the world. This is her hypothesis, her “conspiracy theory” so to speak. She doesn’t understand that Lucifer cannot love any more than a rock can laugh. For different reasons, they embark together on a journey to uncover the Intelligence of Love. By navigating around ignorance to knowledge through intelligence, young Sarah is dramatically transformed.

I watched a documentary the other day entitled Died Suddenly. Go ahead and type “died suddenly documentary” into your internet browser and you’ll find all kinds of headlines about how this was made by “antivaxxers” to “scare people” away from the vaccines. Those “evil” antivaxxers just want you sick and unwell—ignore them, the media implores. On some level I can understand their fervor and fear; the documentary points out that all-cause mortality has increased greatly since the rollout of the vaccines. It speculates on a depopulation agenda, and casts blame on “evil” greedy people in the world with no motive but to harm us. If there is a depopulation agenda, then there’s motive behind it, and I don’t believe the motive could be driven by an innate desire to be evil.

Try to understand. We have a situation in this world that nobody can stop, in a society that’s very accustomed to controlling everything, or having everything figured out and worked out for them, and we are now heading for an epic disaster with or without evil-doing people. Our Finite World, a blog by Gail Tverberg, is particularly helpful in understanding the motive within the bigger picture, although she doesn’t call it a motive. Her writing is clear, easy to comprehend, and quite thorough. She is an actuary, and a smart one, and she can see the forest for the trees. Without mentioning the vaccines or “evil” or a political parties or a conspiracy theories, Gail Tverberg explains the situation:

“The major issue is that money, by itself, cannot operate the economy, because we cannot eat money. Any model of the economy must include energy and other resources. In a finite world, these resources tend to deplete. Also, human population tends to grow. At some point, not enough goods and services are produced for the growing population.” 

Why financial approaches won’t fix the world’s economic problems this time

There are several problems converging: overpopulation, depleting energy resources, more difficult and expensive forms of extraction of resources that are left, enormous debt accumulation, and dying currencies. With or without the evil doers, the population will decline greatly. Things will not go back to the way they were before. The process can either be chaotic or controlled. Is everyone at the idiots-gone-crazy party? Or is there a crisis management plan in action, led by a central world intelligence and power? If so, who are they? I would guess the people with the real wealth and power, those who own the system packaged in stocks, bonds, banks, real estate, gold reserves, and the Magic Money Media. I’m not saying they are evil. Who am I to judge?

Most people think the pandemic was an accident, the war response was an accident, vaccine mismanagement was an accident (or the fault of Trump), the economy is breaking down by accident (or the fault of Trump), inflation is an accident (or the fault of Trump), that the Fed just doesn’t know what it’s doing, ignorant politicians were an accident, and the Great Reset will be an accident too. Furthermore, they believe central banks and corporate elites have our best interest at heart….la la la la la di da di da da di da. Yet smart people know this financial system, this global economic system, was at the end before the pandemic. To repeat, I think a crisis management plan has been activated to pave the way for a “global reset” which has been twisted into a labyrinth of bewildering narratives.

I won’t get into specifics, but I will say there are multiple dimensions that need to be managed. The population has to decline, the cost of energy has to go up a great deal in fiat currency, people have to use less energy, people have to lose their perceived paper and digital wealth, and people have to leave this earth. I can’t bring myself to believe the crisis we are facing is the direct result of stupid people stumbling through a series of accidents, although even the actors think it so. The crisis is the end of cheap energy…the cheap energy that fuels the entire global economy. The chaos is the manufacturing of excessive ignorance. There’s a surplus of ignorance, and they can’t stop it from growing.

To me, it’s not the fault of one party, or one religion, or one group of greedy investors. It’s a collective consequence of manufacturing ignorance that was encouraged by opportunists and adopted by the population as a whole, because it served them and it was free. Central “Intelligence” does not make mistakes; they are not called “Central Intelligence” because they are ignorant. They manufacture ignorance with their intelligence to control situations and populations. That’s what they do. I believe there’s a central intelligence managing a collapse, and the end of cheap energy will utterly destroy fiat, leverage, and debt. Such a crisis absolutely requires pain, suffering, and death from the population, and this absolutely requires the production of ignorance and self sacrifice. As Jonas Salk said, it’s survival of the wisest, which is also a very expensive book.


  1. Great post. You’re one of the few bloggers who knows what’s really going on. The vast majority of bloggers keep pushing the “globalists are pure evil” narrative. I first heard the theory that Peak Oil is the motive for the Great Reset 1.5 years ago. I found it so alarming that I quickly seized onto the Hopium of abiogenic oil and the “conspiracy theory” that TPTB suppress “free energy” in order to maintain oil profits. It took me a while to climb out of that rabbit hole. Knowing the truth is good but sometimes I think ignorance is bliss.

    Here’s a superb analysis of Peak Oil. The author suggests the Great Reset/WEF/CBDC might be a “planned fail” in order to motivate the non-sheep to prep and become self-sufficient. Perhaps.

    “The biggest, darkest conspiracy of all is the one that gets dismissed by even the vast majority of the conspiracy theory community, due to the community largely being controlled by TPTB. That being the conspiracy to suppress knowledge of Peak Oil/Limits to Growth. To suppress knowledge of ecological reality. Civilization hiding the fact that it is built to collapse catastrophically is THE mother of all conspiracies, and the closer to collapse it comes the louder get the avoidance tactics that seek to delay the inevitable. The plandemic and Ukraine war being the two main globally-coordinated fake crises post-peak oil that serve to both initiate and fine-tune demand destruction ahead of the supply collapse of remaining affordable energy to the marginal global consumer. If you can see peak oil then you can see the necessity to head for the hills and start busting your ass because you and your family’s lives depend on it. And what’s more, honoring our species depends on it.

    Peak Oil is the most maligned (non-) conspiracy theory of all time. So much so that it’s been turned into the inverse of what it is, by the conspiracy theory community. The conspiracy to cover up the geological reality of peak oil has been inverted by people like Alex Jones into a ‘Malthusian’ conspiracy by the Elite to have a fake justification to kill everyone off. And that’s just plain stupid. They’re downsizing the herd out of necessity.
    As with most things, it’s the ignorant strawman fallacy that gets lobbed at Peak Oil Theory in order to maintain the denialism that finds its root in fear. Peak Oil scares people because the industrial dynamics of catabolic collapse surely leads to Senecan Cliff. There’s no reason-based room for doubt. The strawman ignorantly says, “They’ve been talking about peak oil forever and it never happened, and they’re still talking about it!” The strawman refuses to go inside peak oil just as the germ theorist refuses to go into the terrain. There are numerous classes of oil production as well as numerous geographical and economic sectors of the oil industry. There are various peaks of production that must be distinguished from each other, and the natural order in which the peaks occur.

    Here is the most basic peak oil pattern of historic production peaks and the causal fallout from them:

    1970- The US hit peak conventional crude production. About 2 years later it went off gold altogether and by surrounding the Middle East with its military it forced the world onto the petrodollar system which is the dollar backed by oil instead of gold. (Gold is an agrarian standard of value unsuited for the scale of mature industrialism.)

    1989- Soviet Union total oil liquids production peaked (all-time high). About 2 years later the USSR collapsed.

    1999- Global peak cheap oil occurred. This was the all-time low of the real, inflation-adjusted cost (not the nominal cost) of retail petroleum products. About 2 years later 9/11 happened, which catalyzed the oil theft wars of the next two decades AKA the ‘War on Terror.’

    2004/5- global peak conventional oil happened. This was the peak that the godfather Hubbard was referring to when in the 50s he predicted global peak oil in the year 2000. About two years later Bear Stearns happened, then Lehman Brothers, and global organic economic growth ended forever, and ever since we’ve been riding on nested financial bubbles, the suspension of mark-to-market accounting in the shale industry that enabled that bubble, bailouts, and Quantitative Easing.

    2018/2019- the world hit global total oil liquids production, which is all conventional crudes plus the unconventional shale and tar sands plays. About 1.5 years later they front-ran the uncontrolled collapse caused by this final peak — THE peak in Peak Oil — with the plandemic.

    The future is an endless series of overlapping manufactured crises that front-run uncontrolled collapse until there’s no more manufacturing. I tend to think the manufacturing on any national has about ten more years to run. We nobodies won’t personally be burning fossil fuels in a few short years – five at most. Once the deflationary spiral hits, all oil production will be uneconomic. Only the easiest remaining plays will be able to be kept flowing by nationalizing them. Any play that is turned off will be turned off for good because well-pressure will be gone, maintenance will be foregone, and momentum is everything in that industry.

    The market-based reason for the collapse over the last 15 years in the oil industry’s capital expenditures and specifically exploration is a reflection of the collapse in economical discoveries. The places they explore now are deep sea and arctic. It’s consistent with short-term thinking under natural law (the profit motive) to pick all the low hanging fruit first. Then when the infrastructure that was built with low hanging fruit in mind no longer has a low hanging fruit source, it finds itself in a fix. It’s a simple resource dynamic.

    They are on a tightrope. If the prices are too high the economy breaks and if they are too low they can’t get the more expensive to produce oil out of the ground. So they have been highly manipulating the oil markets both ways since the 2014 barrel price collapse, in order to keep the price within the ever-narrowing range that’s neither too low nor too high. That range is now gone altogether and any price now is either too low or too high for some plays out there which is why famines are suddenly knocking on the door.

    Climate change policy is just political cover for peak oil. They can’t admit peak oil or chaos ensues. So they use the fake-green agenda’s fight against fossil fuels to mask peak oil which is a force of nature they can do nothing about.

    As far as I’m concerned globalization has been the New World Order they’ve sought- Total world domination. They got about 40 years of it. They even got the Confucian Chinese doing Old Testament capitalism on a scale never seen before. I think a few Hunger Games -type city states may be plausible over the next decades but I don’t see nation states surviving much less global government.

    The Illuminati stuff doesn’t inspire people to take responsibility for their lives. Whether that’s Icke’s version or Alex Jones’. People prefer to point fingers instead of taking responsibility for their lives. The Elite are just farmers of men. They started out goat-herding when everyone else was hunting and gathering. They learned they could do it with people too so they did. Do they do occult ritual sacrifice stuff? I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest. Their religion is a supremacist cult. As far as they’re concerned everyone alive today is alive because of them. From their perspective, we wouldn’t even be alive if they hadn’t farmed us into existence and, frankly, they’re not wrong are they? Who among us would be alive without the old banking families? That might be a hard truth to swallow but it needs reckoning with. So it wouldn’t surprise me that that type of power would cause some of them to play sick games with people’s lives. But we can see from Q-anon how these grotesque mythologies can distort people’s sense of reality, and how they can ultimately be Elite disinfo/misdirection campaigns. I think these mythologies are designed to lower people’s political expectations of the future so much that the death of global capitalism and lowered standards of living won’t seem as bad when a new establishment of earnest, capable, populist takes over under very bad circumstances. The populist ‘revolutions’ will be their disappearing act by design. No more Fed. No more Goldman Sachs. No more Zuckerberg and Gates and Fauci.

    They know when to hold ‘em and they know when to fold ‘em.”*

    *Edited excerpts from the last 3 comments made by “reante” at the end of this link:

    • Thank you for the praise, and for that incredible information. It filled in a few holes in my thinking.

      Funny you mention that “TPTB suppress ‘free energy’ in order to maintain oil profits.” My son shared that with me. At first I was taken by it…but then I started thinking. Who is this Steven Greer? He used to be a doctor, now promoting theories about aliens and zero-gravity energy? Hmmmm. I started asking some simple questions. Where do aliens put their waste? Do they have toilets on the spaceships? Where do they get their food? Do they take showers? Drink water? Need sunlight? Or do they just live on digital waves in the universe? Fact is, no PHYSICAL LIFE lives on digital frequencies. That NFT house ain’t gonna give you shelter. 🙂 The only logical explanation for aliens is they are among us! But I’m not going there… LOL.

      I think there are shills that are hired by the central intelligence to push these narratives that distract people. They give people some truth but then throw them way off with an idea like there’s “free energy” being hidden by (of course) GREEDY EVIL PEOPLE. If we believe in free energy and that oil companies are greedy, then we’re more likely to support the green movement and forget that the system even needs oil to survive. Another person who I was taken by, at first, but now I think is a shill is Peter Zeihan. He’s too pro-USA and down on Russia and China. Still, he provides some good information, some truth, but he throws you off track in the process. It’s the bait.

      It’s taken me awhile, but I think I’ve finally figured how how these things work, and this post was my way of bringing it all together. 🙂 I didn’t mention this but I think the central intelligence actually creates narratives and conspiracy theories to manufacture ignorance. They create all kinds of narratives on all sides to make sure people don’t get close to the real crisis. And you manufacture ignorance by distracting people and sending them down rabbit holes that lead nowhere. People are drawn to groups and stories, and they follow. All the easier now for storytellers to get into our emotions and thoughts since corporations and governments collect our personal data.

      Thanks for commenting. Pass it forward. And share any other blogs or sites that connect.:)

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