Society is in a quandary

Society is in a quandary, a sort-of narrative-driven hypnosis. Remember how the pandemic replaced the trade war with China? Have you heard about that trade war or agreement in a while? Probably not, but the U.S. trade deficit is now greater than ever. Today, all eyes are on the Russo-Ukrainian War as the vaccine drama starts drifting off into history. Look over there! Not here! You either trust your leaders blindly, or you mistrust them all and find yourself in an alternative group-think reality or fantasy. The definitions of words have been turned on their heads. Events are transpiring that have never happened before in our lifetimes. What’s going on? you ask. I’ve asked the same question, and looked deeply for the answer.

Here’s an interesting story….Crystal Cruise Lines is a 5-star cruise line. Their parent company just filed bankruptcy. One of their ships had loaded up on fuel somewhere, but the parent company couldn’t pay the bill, so the fuel company issued an arrest warrant for the ship. The result was the ship couldn’t return to Miami and dumped all the passengers off in Bimini, which is in the Bahamas. Then I found out that looking to cut costs, Carnival Cruise Line sold six ships for scrap. In this video, you’ll see the Aliaga ship-breaking yard in Turkey, where Carnival’s Fantasy, Imagination, and Inspiration ships are being demolished. Workers are cutting apart and recycling every piece of these massive ships, because “destruction” is big money.

Dr. Joseph Tainter is not a doctor, or a politician, or an epidemiologist, or a journalist; he’s an archeologist. He is most famous for his 1988 book, The Collapse of Complex Societies. He did a study on why ancient societies often collapsed, and in doing so, he realized that it’s relevant to our society today. “What happened in ancient societies when they collapsed was that they rapidly simplified, rapidly lost what we call complexity. The societies that resulted had fewer parts, they were less well organized, they were often smaller, they were less capable, and they often lost great traditions of art, architecture, and literature. What resulted is sometimes called dark ages.”

You see, our whole world was built over a relatively short period of time to depend on oil. Everything we have in modern society is because of oil, and still greatly depends on oil. The population grew eightfold as a result of it. Oil is finite, and we are past peak production, now at the stage where it’s much more difficult and costly to extract. We are experiencing significant declining energy return on investment. So cat-fighting Democrats and Republicans are missing the big picture, which may or may not be intentional on the part of propagandists. It’s equivalent to kindergartners fighting over toys in the middle of an earthquake. Better they fight over toys than feel the ground shaking beneath them.

According to the mainstream media’s incessant drive to label and stereotype, I am an “anti-vaxxer” because I chose not to get jabbed by this series of shots during the pandemic. No matter that I’ve been vaccinated against everything else on the earth. A friend commented on my post, where she labeled me as such, and then said, “I have a cousin who believes that the royal family are lizard people from an alien world and that the Hollywood movie makers are part of the Illuminati to create propaganda and unrest, she is also an anti vaxer as they insert a chip when you are vaccinated yeah she sounds like a nut case to me but she’s family and I’ve known her since she was born and I love her.”

Well I believe in love, but I don’t share her family member’s beliefs about lizard people, etc. So why am I being placed in the same category? I’m no more the same as all conspiracy theorists as you are the same as every woman or man, every white person or black person, etc. What I believe is primarily based on facts like what Dr. Joseph Tainter discovered. Fact: we are on the verge of a collapse, and if you open your mind, you can see it. Either an elite group is trying to control the collapse through some plan they’re calling “The Great Reset” or the pandemic was just an accident coinciding with financial collapse and declining energy return on investment. You decide.

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