Riddle me this…

Riddle me this. It’s physical. It is not made by the earth, but from stars exploding. It cannot be created or deleted, printed or digitized. It does not rust or tarnish. It cannot be cancelled. It’s reflective and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. It is precious in all modern cultures on earth, and was precious to ancient empires. It’s in your body, the earth, and in outer space. It is used in technology. It’s mentioned in the Book of Genesis as “good” and made Abram very wealthy. It’s what God told Moses to have his people take from the Egyptians before they left Egypt. It does not react easily with other substances, which makes corrosion very rare. It is ductile. It’s malleable. It doesn’t burn. It’s been around longer than man and with man from the beginning of history. If you read the Bible, you’ll notice that God seems to really like it. According to religious scholars, it is the symbol of Christ’s kinship on Earth. It is central in Hindu religion and culture, and Buddhism. It is the core of alchemy. It’s finite. Airlines and credit cards borrow its image for their highest level of benefits. The biggest crypto currency uses it as its logo symbol, and it solidifies the highest standards and the highest covenant in the human race (marriage). It is key to the new kingdom on earth in the last chapter of the Book of Revelations. It compares to nothing else on earth or in the atmosphere. It is kept by the wealthiest, especially kings and queens. It is bold, beautiful, and beckoning. It shines, and it’s the same color as the sun during sunsets. It has no counterparty risk. In times of trouble, it reigns supreme. More than one hundred nations own tonnes of it as their reserve asset. It is used to trade and is a store of value.

It’s summertime here in St. Joseph, Michigan, and I’m going to be chilling on the beach with Hector (pictured above), who is trying to figure out my riddle on the golden (hint) sand. Not much to say or write these days, just the usual mumbo jumbo: propaganda in the media and “Ambiguity Increasing” (psychological warfare terminology). I got that dreaded C virus and got over it quickly…the only thing that took awhile and still isn’t quite gone is the cough, but it’s almost gone now after a month. I’m getting active again. Looks like people are traveling everywhere. Not this homebody, but all is good nonetheless.

If I get any stellar ideas on the beach, or working in my garden, you’ll be hearing from me again soon. Otherwise, have a great summer (or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere).


And yes—water, food, and shelter are definitely more important. 🙂

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