People Enslave Themselves

As mentioned in the previous post, I read Who Really Owns Your Gold by William Garner. I also read Discourse On Voluntary Servitude: Why People Enslave Themselves to Authority by Étienne de La Boétie from the 16th century, edited by William Garner. I had to let these rest, marinate in the juices of my brain for awhile. They’re both interesting, but there’s one glaring contradiction when reading them back to back. Étienne de La Boétie claims that people enslave themselves, while William Garner claims that a certain group of people enslave us. Which is it, Mr. Garner? Both? People don’t enslave themselves consciously, and maybe they don’t enslave others consciously either.

Ross Rosenberg, in The Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent Narcissist Trap may be on to something,  “Codependents are drawn to pathological narcissists because they feel comfortable and familiar with a person who knows how to direct, control, and lead. The narcissistic dancer is simply the yin to their yang. Their giving, sacrificial, and passive codependence matches up perfectly with their partners entitled, demanding, and self-centered nature.” The day before I received Mr. Garner’s books, I’d been thinking about the storyline of the complete Bible. Nobody looks at the Bible as one book, and I thought it’d be fun to try. I posted on Facebook that I wanted to write a description of the entire story, from front to back. A big part of the story is about slavery, and slavery might not be what we think.

As I mentioned in a previous post, “The Rothschild’s business model is based on one simple truth: You can induce people into surrendering their real wealth in exchange for a promise of greater wealth. It is public greed, people who fall for false promises of greater wealth, which has enabled the Rothschild family and all central banks today to build their empire together.” I don’t know whether it’s conscious or unconscious, but Mr. Garner thinks he knows. He explains that Amschel Moses Bauer, father of Meyer Amschel Bauer, used to hang a red shield outside his five-story house. This signified money changing and lending to the town. So when Meyer Amschel Bauer’s business started to flourish, he changed his name to Rothschild. In German, rot means red and schild means shield. And so began the Rothschild banking dynasty, under the deliberate rule of the Jesuits.

I had strange dreams again last night, but when I woke up this morning, I was thinking about Pleasure Island from the 1940s film, Pinocchio. Pleasure Island is eerily similar to America and the fiat dollar system. It’s a big well-known amusement park where mischievous young boys go to have the time of their lives. There’s no work of any kind. The boys get to play all the time, and be as mean and destructive as they want. It’s headed by a jolly coachman who seems like a great guy…but has an ulterior motive and agenda.

There are three main characters in this next scene: a typical bad boy hoodlum, Pinocchio, and Jiminy Cricket. This is the scene where I most identify with good old Jiminy Cricket. Poor Jiminy, he’s misunderstood, mocked, and tossed around like a rag doll, when all he really wants to do is be Pinocchio’s conscious and help him. The bully, however, doesn’t want a conscious; he is willfully ignorant and tries to bring naïve Pinocchio along with him, and for the most part, he succeeds. The real objective of Pleasure Island is revealed in this scene, but not to the bad boy yet…

Pleasure Island (America and its fiat dollar) is actually a business, a front for turning mischievous boys into donkeys to work as slaves. In this next scene, the bully has a breakdown and begs for help before he quickly turns into a donkey himself and starts heehawing and bucking his hooves. Pinocchio is rattled to the core, and Jiminy Cricket helps him get out of there before it’s too late. Something similar will happen when the dollar collapses, when its reign is over as the world reserve currency. All these bad boys that fed off the lies and corruption will be broken into a trillion pieces. I’m trying to help the Pinocchio’s of the world here, including myself.

Over the last 50 years, the Rothchild banking dynasty has flourished around the world, taking over the Bank of England, as well as major banks in Germany, France, Italy, and Austria, while building a mind-altering Pleasure Island, super and extreme. There are lots of bad boys and girls all over the place, and very few have turned into donkeys. It is the Jiminy Crickets of the world, like you and me, who are getting kicked around and beat-up in the interim. Back to my original question, is it the fault of the enslavers or the fault of the slaves? I don’t like that bully boy in the video above, and quite honestly, I was happy to see him turn into a donkey!

While I’m not certain of his certainty, Mr. Garner also directly points out, we are not free, and we have never been free, except in our own fantasy. This is rather sobering:

Your owning your gold is only an illusion, Dear Reader.
You own nothing.
Not even your own home or land. As stated previously, allodial property in America or anywhere does not exist. It is all the property of a dark cabal of men who loathe you and wish to drive you to bankruptcy.
Or suicide.
Take your pick.
They’re happy with either one, but they would prefer you dead….
Those Americans in denial about the information I have presented here should take great care when raising a head from the safety of that big hole in the sand… they may be decapitated by the facts. (p. 90)

Mr. Garner explains how a Jesuit cabal infiltrated America and created the first and second central banks, after the American Revolution. While Alexander Hamilton, father of the American economy, played a major role in establishing the First Bank on February 25, 1791, not everyone thought it was a good idea. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were opposed. Advocating for a smaller, more decentralized government, they formed the Democratic-Republicans, America’s first opposition political party. In one letter Jefferson wrote:

That [Bank of the United States] is so hostile we know: 1. From a knowledge of the principles of the persons composing the body of directors in every bank, principal or branch, and those of most of the stock-holders; 2. from their opposition to the measures and principles of the government and to the election of those friendly to them; and, 3. From the sentiments of the newspapers they support.

 Now, while we are strong, it is the greatest duty we owe to safety of our Constitution to bring this powerful enemy to a perfect subordination under its authorities…

 I pray you to turn this subject in your mind and give it the benefit of your knowledge of details; whereas, I have only very general views of the subject.

Over the next 20 years, America went into deep debt. Many of the original supporters of the First Bank saw this happening, and expressed their concerns. People realized on some level that the U.S. hadn’t won their independence at all, but was caught in the gripping trap of slavery. Americans rebelled, and didn’t renew First Bank’s charter. But the bank retaliated; it destroyed the Capitol, White House, and more, and a Second Bank was reinstituted two years later. Mr. Garner includes quotes from our Founding Fathers, adamantly opposed to this bank. He includes a letter from President Andrew Jackson, whose goal was to expose the Jesuits and the House of Rothschild, and remove them from America’s land indefinitely.

In an email exchange, Mr. Garner told me that the Rothschild family, and all like them, have been enlisted by the Jesuits or some Roman power over the centuries to be the money-changers and accountants. Rothschilds don’t run anything, he says, except to watch over the geo-financial system, which is supervised by a Jesuit cardinal and his men. “Make no mistake,” he wrote, “if you study the actions of the Jesuits since their inception in 1541 or so, you’ll see they have used the same ‘playbook,’ which is used to subjugate a country, in every single country in the world. No exceptions, even Switzerland.”

“Wendy, it takes a bit of time to read the many hundreds of books (in English) that have been written about Jesuits and their actions over the world. When you finish you’ll conclude that they are indeed in control of each country and government, and they are responsible for the boom-and-bust cycles, because the Jesuits know celestiophysics and how to use those cycles in their favor.”

He assures me that I’ll learn more about this in Romanic Depression by Sean Maclaren. This is a sequel to Mr. Garner’s Who Really Owns Your Gold, and he is the editor. I’ll be honest…I’m doubtful of this intentional and deliberate control. As a spiritual person, I’m more inclined to think these are “spiritual forces of darkness” at work through unknowing and unwitting people, but I shall give him the benefit of the doubt and read the second book. I’ll report my conclusions in the next post.

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