On the difficult conversation we need to have…

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” —Henry David Thoreau

I woke up Wednesday morning to a message in my inbox from Dr. Toby Rogers on the difficult conversation we need to have with each other. In this post, he asks his readers three questions…

  1. Who does the biowarfare industrial complex report to?
  2. How can we have the virtues of capital (dynamism, growth, entrepreneurship, speed/efficiency, unbridled human creativity, and prosperity) without the corruption of capital (monopolies, slavery, war, genocide, oppression, and fascism)?
  3. How do we design a system of capitalism without fascism going forward?

These are tough questions that have befuddled even the greatest intellectuals, but I believe dialogue is a hallmark of a healthy human race and therefore commend Dr. Rogers for starting one. While I don’t have a clear answer, I’m particularly skilled at breaking down complex constructs and ideas into easier-to-grasp parts, and getting to the root cause of problems. So here’s my attempt to answer the questions…

Who does the biowarfare industrial complex report to?

As Dr. Rogers rightly points out, the illuminati, Rothschilds, Free Masons, Lizard people, global communist conspiracists, worldwide pedophile network, etc. are all different nicknames for capital-mongers and/or their leaders. The biowarfare industrial complex reports to wealth and power, not to the 650,000 people that are homeless in the United States, or the 783 million people who face chronic hunger. Capital mongers hoard capital, to generate more capital for making endless capital. Essentially, it is the worship of capital, otherwise known as the religion of Capital-ism. 

Homeless on bench, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Photo taken by Tomas Castelazo on May 25, 2009

The priests of Capitalism proclaim the Word of Capital. Their theology revolves around lenders and borrowers. Saints to sinners are like creditors to borrowers. The priest, inside a confession booth, frees sinners from the heavy burden of sin in a similar way that the banker frees borrowers from the heavy constraints of poverty. The sinners who approach the booth are like the borrowers who approach the bank. In Catholicism, they are looking for pardon, and in Capitalism, they are looking for prosperity. To whom does the priest in the booth report? He reports to bishops who report to archbishops, who report to cardinals, who report to the Pope. To whom does the banker report? Follow the capital.

How can we have the virtues of capital without the corruption of capital?

About three years ago, I watched a documentary series called The Deadly Isms, which asked similar questions. How should we organize society? What is the best form of government? Does it come from the right or left or neither? All good questions, but let’s back up and look for the cause of the problem before we try to come up with any more “manmade” solutions.

While it’s historical, it is unnatural not to work. In other words, it is unnatural that we make money with money, while doing no work. This is slavery, no matter how you look at it. Instead of using brute force (stealing people from their land and families, to work on your land and for your family), capitalism uses a gentle coercive methodology called magical thinking. Capitalism promotes the idea that infinite credit buys limited resources, forever. Believers invest their capital today to make more for tomorrow.

In the natural world, value is driven by supply and demand of goods and services. In the fiat world, value is driven by more and more credit. It doesn’t drive production; it chases yield.

So how can we have dynamism, growth, entrepreneurship, speed/efficiency, unbridled human creativity, and prosperity without having monopolies, slavery, war, genocide, oppression, and fascism? I don’t think we can. Why? Because it’s not natural for some of us to work while others do not work, and all things that are unnatural eventually reach an extreme and end. What we can do is recognize that we have stretched this credit thing way too far, like a rubber band, and get out of the way before it snaps back.

How do we design a system of capitalism without fascism going forward?

I don’t think we can do this either, because defying nature is unsustainable. Imagine a forest making more and more trees. Along comes a spark that is met by a wind, and it grows faster and faster into a giant fire. This fire gets bigger and bigger, consuming more and more of the forest until it is extinguished by an outside force or it runs out of trees to consume.

We humans started a spark in the forest: credit. We depend on the forest, but we are burning it up with credit. A religion that worships capital defies nature, and runs in opposition to nature. We will continue this journey until the majority of our species takes the initiative to put out the fire. If that doesn’t happen, then we will burn out the entire forest from which we live and survive.

Whether you believe in the Big Bang or the Bible, it is the same idea in the sense that the universe started from a spark of opposition between nothing and something. This single spark then expanded and stretched to grow as large as it is now—and it’s still expanding! Nature is a circular cyclical process inside a linear one. Until we get back into the right relationship with nature and each other, we will, as Dr. Rogers said, “continue in an endless game of Chutes and Ladders” before we burn out. But who’s gonna give up their status and privilege for the good of humanity or the earth?

On getting away from the Isms and getting back to nature…

I have always been and continue to be mystified by gold. While many Americans are quick to dismiss it as a useless yellow metal, I think they’re missing depth in their analysis.

Gold doesn’t come from Earth. Scientists say it was formed in supernovae and in neutron star collisions before the solar system and planets existed.

Gold is a chemical element, a soft malleable metal and mineral, homogenous and inert, non-reactive with other chemicals. It doesn’t oxidize or tarnish. This naturally occurring solid can be beaten into extremely thin sheets used in making jewelry, glass, and medicine. While gold is not the heaviest metal, it is the heaviest metal you can buy. Each atom comes with 79 positive protons, 79 negative electrons, and 118 uncharged neutrons.

In Numerology, the number 79 signifies a focused analysis-understanding of the underlying truth, whether in spirituality or science. According to numerologist PRO, “The number 79 is a vibration that is often either super-spiritual or super scientific/atheistic. But common to these two seeming opposites is the ability to analyze and understand the underlying truth.”

In Alchemy, gold is linked to the elixir and eternal life. The alchemy symbol for the element gold is a stylized sun. Interesting, since gold supposedly comes from suns. For the alchemist, it represents perfection of all matter in mind, spirit, and soul. Note, this perfection came from an explosion.

In Buddhism, gold symbolizes happiness, purity, enlightenment and freedom. It is also linked to the sun, which happens to be Earth’s purest energy source. Gilding, a decorative leaf technique, is an ancient tradition used on statues to highlight the importance of Buddha. There is the golden fish and gold lotus flower that symbolize spiritual principles and forms of enlightenment.

In Islam, the color gold symbolizes divine perfection and nobility.

In Christianity and Judaism, gold is the symbol of the glory of God.

In the Bible, God loves gold! “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts” (Haggai 2:8, KJV)

According to Zecharia Sitchin, and Sumerian texts that he studied, an intelligent life form known as the Anunnaki came to Earth specifically to mine gold, in an attempt to repair the atmosphere on their planet. They created modern humans, by manipulating the DNA of primates, to work their mines and build their civilization here.

The nations store gold as their primary sovereign asset, and central banks have been buying hand over foot. See The Divergence Between Gold and Gold Miners – Simply Wall St.

I recently read, “the Cloud now has a greater carbon footprint than the airline industry. A single data center can consume the equivalent electricity of 50,000 homes. At 200 terawatt hours (TWh) annually, data centers collectively devour more energy than some nation-states.” See The Staggering Ecological Impacts of Computation and the Cloud for more information. Do you think we might be at the end of our improper relationship with nature and the energy she gives us to do all this?

Gold is the missing link between our monetary system and nature, and I think that’s the next logical step to overthrowing the worship of manmade credit and making global trade productive and efficient again. This will do much to slow down the destructive relationship that humans have with Mother Nature and each other, and it will teach many of us how to work (labor) again. The world is in for a big surprise; namely, that manmade systems are transient. Money doesn’t grow on trees when credit burns down the forest.


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