MMT and broadening the scope of this blog

I love you all…but few can see reality, and this scares me. If I’m wrong, please kindly let me know, but here’s what I see. The U.S. mortgaged its house (America) by borrowing from the world (the bank) and we haven’t been making our payments, while demanding more. A red paper notice has been nailed on the door, but we have the strongest military and can get away with ignoring it. I don’t feel good about that.

The U.S. today is completely opposite of where it was in 1944, when it had the most gold and became the world reserve currency and bank to the world. We will be okay if the U.S. still has the gold it says it does (to revalue), if it hasn’t been used as collateral for a second or third mortgage against the country. Let’s hope. ?

Knowing this, I have not been able to embrace the sentiments of the right or left, who have totally forgotten about the bank. It truly feels like we are above the bank but that’s American imperialism we feel. It’s not racism that’s the real culprit here—it’s Dollarism and American privilege. This is fact.

From the vantage point of American privilege, the real problem remains unnoticed and overlooked, blatantly ignored by every one of our leaders on both sides. We need to stop and ask ourselves honestly what are the consequences of this? People tell me to forget about it, because there’s nothing we can do. But there’s a lot we can do, and it is the responsibility of every citizen to do something about this problem, starting with awareness.

If I try to explain this to people, invariably someone will attempt to enlighten me with Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). These professors, usually employed by prestigious heavily-endowed college and universities, have made a career out of creating an academic seal of approval for policies that politicians want to get away with money printing. MMT and “debt and deficits don’t matter” are painfully political. They gift wrap the “something for nothing” creed which is the lifeblood of every politician. Spend, spend, spend…it doesn’t matter. Print, print, print…it doesn’t matter. You can have anything you want, just believe in me and everything will be just fine.

But this whole MMT stands on the shoulders of American imperialism and exceptionalism, it stands on privilege, on the premise that the dollar will remain the world reserve currency like gravity will cling to the Earth, on the idea that it can never and will never change because of our military presence and power. It ignores the effects that MMT has on all the other countries in the world. It ignores the fact that MMT serves the elite, the top one percent of the population, and corrupt politics and banking. It only serves the U.S. and its special interests, but it has impoverished the vast majority of real hard-working people in the world. It’s modern-day slavery, where the rich do nothing and the poor do all the work.

Take a look at Argentina and what happened there when our dollar was rising. Fact is MMT is American imperialism at its ugliest. It’s willful ignorance and actually modern-day slavery of the world to our empire. I wish this weren’t the case but unfortunately it’s reality. Like racism, American imperialism and exceptionalism is toxic and destructive. Most people don’t care about it because they don’t see it, distracted by every other shenanigan in society. What shocks me is it doesn’t bother them even when they do know the truth.

If you believe in MMT, then you an American imperialist—you believe in the power of the United States military, not the goodness of its people. You believe in financially-engineered markets and giving up your freedoms. You believe that everyone should pay for the mistakes of central bankers, and they should receive endless bailouts and help, to support the wealthy stock holders. You believe in racism and classism, and definitely not democracy. Ask yourself one question, does MMT work for any country irrespective of its relationship to other countries? Could Venezuela print as much as it wanted? Could Zimbabwe? How about Weimar? Why is it that when the U.S. Fed raised interest rates in dollars, the interest rates in Argentina went up to 50 percent? They are now 38 percent.

MMT is self serving monetary hokum that more or less says that you can print any amount of money and it makes no difference. It is a concocted theory to serve a fraudulent agenda. History is definitive on what happens with endless money printing and for anyone to argue this with that theory is a fraud in itself. But when you live in the Age of Fraud, caused by easy credit and endless money, it’s natural to see a theory like this hoisted high on a pedestal. When you are the beneficiary of a malicious practice, it’s easy to ignore it.

Nevertheless, I have decided to stop badgering you with the same old story of doom and gloom and broaden the scope of this blog. I will be writing and vlogging  about waking up, getting real, and returning to our natural state of being, in a world where everything and everyone has been stamped, artificialized, financialized, and gamed for the lesser good. I will focus on relearning what’s important and unlearning what’s not.

Thank you for staying with me through all the changes, all these years. Community is important and you are critical to me and my voice. If you like what I’m doing, please share. It is my purpose to help family and friends find the good things in life and navigate the bad with love and equanimity. Stay tuned for my first video: Naturalize Yourself. I’ll go over why and how it’s the best way to live, and what has worked for me.

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