Is the Emperor Naked?

I was reading something today that reminded me of Sir John Bagot Glubb. After studying eleven empires from the Assyrians in 859 B.C. to the British in 1950, he outlined the seven stages of empire which always unfold in the same way, from beginning to end. These stages are…

  1. The Age of Pioneers
  2. The Age of Conquests
  3. The Age of Commerce
  4. The Age of Affluence
  5. The Age of Intellect
  6. The Age of Decadence
  7. The Age of Decline & Collapse

I’m quite certain that we are in the seventh stage, but who is “we” and who is the emperor? I used to think the empire was the United States, but now I wonder. Is the empire the United States or is it the United Nations or is it the World Economic Forum? Is the empire the United Nations now passing the baton to the World Economic Forum that unites corporations, academia, and governments under one power? Are the borders of the empire territorial or digital? Is the emperor one person or one people?

The answers to all these questions depend on who really controls the world, and by “the world” I mean wealth. We are under the illusion that physical territories have special powers, that nations are protected from other nations by borders, that the United States controls the world reserve currency. But right now all of the nations are singing the same song to the same tune in the same language, so to speak. They are all operating under and controlled by a fiat dollar standard. They are all responding in similar ways to the pandemic. They are all going into deep debt, with the U.S. leading the way.

It seems to me that maybe the real empire is not the United States, but the lords of the dollar and fiat financial system. The gigantic digits behind their financial instruments, which act as collateral for their borrowing, gives the lords their power. The real empire is the United Money Mongers of the World (UMMW). It is their fiat and the widespread belief in their fiat that makes the elite elite. Wherever they live, all around the world, these UMMW people have sweet “high class” lifestyles, all in similar fashion. This was made clear by the pandemic, and now by the realization that if China falls (i.e. Evergrande), so goes the U.S. who depends on China.

There’s a strategy used in options trading called selling naked calls. The “naked” part means you are making a bet with collateral you don’t have. Let’s say your stock is XYZ, your strike price is $50, and your expiration date is October 1st. It means that if XYZ goes to $50 or higher by October 1, for example, then you are agreeing to sell stock you don’t have to the person on the other side of the trade for $50 per share. One contract is 100 shares, so that’s $5000 worth of stock. It means if XYZ goes to $100, then you have to go buy $100 worth of XYZ to sell it at $50, because you were naked. This is how some people get rich and others go broke really fast. Gambling is how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer in this crooked system of thieves.

If you’ve been following the market lately, then you know how this betting and gaming has turned the market into a giant casino. Certain groups of people look for stocks that have lots of naked calls against them. Then they rapidly buy calls, forcing the options dealers to buy the stock, which forces the bet makers out of their positions and sends the price soaring like a rocket ship. Ironically, these games seem to have started with Tesla by those who have a lot of fiat to play. The stock prices today have nothing to do with the productivity of the businesses they represent. Think about it; how did wealth just double, triple, quadruple in the last year with the same or less productivity? It’s an illusion, no doubt.

I am a systems thinker, and I believe that these games are not isolated but systemic. They’re happening on a global scale, in every crack of the financial system. If stocks are no longer connected to their fundamentals, and the economy is no longer connected to production, and demand is no longer connected to supply, and currency is no longer connected to gold and silver, and lending money is no longer profitable with interest rates, then what clothes nations and gives them borders? While the news highlights bickering and war between various nations, the UMMW has but one mission: to keep their fiat world alive. They’ll do anything, ANYTHING, to protect their empire.

It’s hidden in plain sight. Their digital wealth supports their lifestyles, for now. But don’t forget, the emperors have no clothes. They are naked, just like Evergrande is naked now. The emperors have sold naked calls against your future in exchange for your faith and trust in their good trading skills. Getting rich in UMMW has nothing to do with real work or being productive, but with good gaming skills and global systemic slavery. When digital values no longer cover financial assets, when there’s a default somewhere in the chain of casinos, the empire will collapse, and all the people who owned stocks or lent their hard-earned money through bonds will realize they’ve been played by naked greedy fools.

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