Culture and Society

This list is a collection of resources that made me think outside the box and/or taught me something valuable. It doesn’t mean that I completely agree with the person or people or message. I make no assertion regarding the validity of any of it…that’s on you.

John Michael Greer is a widely read author, blogger, and astrologer whose work focuses on the overlaps between ecology, spirituality, and the future of industrial society.

Novus Ordo Seclorum, or Why Americans Handle Time in Peculiar Ways by Dr. Cornelius Lee Grove

America’s Ruling Class—And the Perils of Revolution, July 15, 2010 By ANGELO M. CODEVILLA. Also published in The American Spectator Thu. July 15, 2010

Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Salon | Ray McGovern, John Mearsheimer

Gravitas Plus: Did NATO push Ukraine into war? – Good video covering the history of NATO.

Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World? – I won’t even try to explain this one. You’ve got to see it for yourself.

PETER HITCHENS: One glorious day in Sevastopol 12 years ago, I saw what was coming. That’s why I won’t join this carnival of hypocrisy

Doubling Down on Double Standards – The Ukraine Propaganda Blitz

DIANA JOHNSTONE: US Foreign Policy Is a Cruel Sport, February 23, 2022

Why Technology Favors Tyranny

Collapse of Complex Societies by Dr. Joseph Tainter

A CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER by D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D. Arranged and Edited by John Loeffler

Distinguishing between facts and opinions

The University of Chicago, Censorship and Information Control During Information Revolutions, a series of public dialogues

The CIA’s Secret Quest For Mind Control: Torture, LSD And A ‘Poisoner In Chief’

Tyranny of the Reasonable: Popular Complacency in an Era of Economic Exploitation and Perpetual War

Part One of Whitney Webb (Global Elite Deep Dive…What Is Their History, Motive, and True Plan?) and Part 2

Time to Push

The Wizard’s Grimoire: Understanding Hegel to understand Marxism

Types of Military Deception – my interest is in “Ambiguity Increasing” which is what we are seeing now

Lara Logan, a Middle East expert explains perfectly what happened

Understanding the Culture with William Federer (Part 1)
Understanding the Culture with William Federer (Part 2)
Understanding the Culture with William Federer (Part 3)

MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

Making Censorship Backfire by Sue Curry Jansen and Brian Martin

A Brief History of Hopium (June 20, 2021)

The Cultural Consequences of Fiat Money | Jörg Guido Hülsmann (Fascinating for people like me who are interested in culture)

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