Calling all Christians: Wake Up

While reading this weekend, I ran across an interesting book. It’s called Wondering Man, Money & Go(l)d by R. Goswami. It looks like a hidden gem (knowledge is true wealth), and I can’t wait to read it. What peaked my interest while skimming, was an abbreviated excerpt by Alex Wallenwein and James Sinclair:

“God created gold and silver. Man created the printing press.

Gold is God’s money. Ink on paper is man’s money.

God said to charge no one interest. Printed money cannot exist without charging someone interest.

Gold is subject to God’s laws, which is incorruptible. Paper is subject to man’s law, which is inherently corrupt – unless guided by God’s law!

God protects his own – those who follow Him and honor His commandments.

(Fiat-issuing) man protects his own arse – to Hell with all those others who depend on fiat man’s (i.e. government man or banker man’s) promises that are inherently impossible to keep – in the long run.

An economy (domestic and international) built on gold is self-regulating.

An economy built on debt (the essence of printed money) requires constant human manipulation.

An economy built on gold is inherently balanced. An economy built on paper is – over the long haul – impossible to balance.

The value of gold persists, no matter what man does. The value of paper exists only if man constantly does something (namely: artificially keeping it up through ceaseless manipulation, i.e., lies and deception.) 

Gold reflects God’s wisdom through the ages. Paper reflects man’s attempt (because of you-know-who) to “be like God”- i.e., it reflects man’s arrogance (“We can make this work better than gold…blah blah blah”)

As to the idea that today we can no longer go back to a gold currency because there is too much money in the world to be “backed” by gold, this is a ruse. All that is needed is a reevaluation of paper in terms of gold, and we have perfect balance again.

(But, returning to a “gold standard” is not the point. It would be more than useless, because it would set the bankers up to devalue and then separate their beloved paper currency from gold all over again. More on that later.)

Finally, regardless of whether or not gold will ever become an official currency again, it remains the only trustworthy store of value over time – and that is a serious point to be considered by all, Christians or not. 

At heart, gold reflects God’s absolute veracity because it is, in essence, economic truth.

Now, it’s very easy to rag on “the government” and complain how they deceive us all, etc. etc., but every single time we use one of those paper rags to pretend to pay someone for what we buy, we participate in the lie – knowingly or not.

But now that you have read this, you KNOW that you are participating in a lie.

Every day we do this without at least trying to change this system of fraud and deceit, we become an accomplice in the fraud, we become a personal assistant to the devil, the father of lies. 

Or, to put it more bluntly:

Just like all those little white lies we tell every day, when we knowingly pass counterfeit money (even though it has the state’s “legal sanction”) we sin.

What can we do about it?

As believers in Jesus Christ (author states from an American and Christian perspective), we can confess and thus reestablish our fellowship with God under 1 John 1:9.

But even unbelievers may choose not to follow this path because it makes no sense and spells disaster down the road.

So what to do?

We need to understand that this entire money-fraud was possible for one reason and one reason only:

No writer in history has fully understood and cogently explained the concept of “whole money.”

The Concept of WHOLE MONEY:

The entire problem started between bankers (or their historic predecessors, the money changers) were able to conceptually separate the actual value (the gold or silver itself) from the vehicle that carries the value. 

Even back in the days of the gold standard, we measured the value of gold or silver in terms of “dollars” or “pounds sterling,” or “marks”, or “francs”, (in India in Indian Rupees) or whatever”….continue reading this excerpt on page 384

While published back in 2007, this book is more relevant today than any other text I’ve seen in the past few years. The central bankers have been working very hard, printing more money, adding more debt, bandaging over problem after problem. And just when it seems like man has achieved total control and power over the world (think “The Tower of Babel” or “Noah and the Ark”), an act of God comes along……a plague……the coronavirus (ironically stemming from man’s own achievement towards power and war). The highly indebted man-made global economy is coming to a halt, and all the money printing in the world will not stop debt-burdened companies from defaulting, bubbles bursting, and our credit-backed financial system from collapsing.

Change is coming, friends! Death and new birth is on its way. Lies and deceit will burn, and to the extent that you are in them, you will suffer too. If you haven’t woken up yet, if you’re fully immersed in the lies and deception of this world, and you don’t pray about it and do something to change after reading this text…well…don’t say you weren’t warned. What’s coming is the biggest wealth transfer in history, and my hope is a lot of faithful God-loving people will be on the receiving end, that God will lead these people to help others in need (en lieu of buying 25+ houses, rich fancy cars, and private jets), and build a new financial system with whole godly money. I could be wrong, yet again, but it looks like this time there’s no way out. It looks like history will not repeat, but rhyme, that one cycle is ready to end and another to begin.

Credit bubbles and worldwide pandemics don’t mix, man is not invisible, and as always, God and what truly belongs to God, will reign supreme (not the FANGs or KING DOLLAR).

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